Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The outbreak of COVID-19 in Lagos State and subsequent lockdown of Lagos, Ogun and FCT by President Muhammadu Buhari, has tampered with lots of activities of which our dressing is one of them.

The recent emphasis on the use of facemask by the Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 Boss Mustapha, is an indication that if we would be allowed to start our daily activities after the 28days lockdown, the use of handmade facemask will be mandated for all Lagosians.

His announcement on the engagement of a local textile Industry in the production of handmade facemask and his recent appearance with the facemask, shows the necessity of its mass production.

Ekonews gathered, that residents of Kosofe Local Government, has embarked on the use of different handmade facemask.

A fashion designer, Ajayi Motunrayo said, she resulted into the use of Face Towel to produce handmade facemask because of the non-availability of the surgical facemask.

She said “I am aware of what is happening and I know the danger of contracting Coronavirus.

“I don’t have the virus and I don’t want to have it, that’s why after I had tried to purchase the original face mask and all of them were saying we don’t have, we don’t have as if they have had meeting.

“I jejely cut one of my face towel into two attached, an elastic band to it’s two sides and used my sewing machine to sew it.”

A banker, Mr Rotimi Adeleye said “Before the outbreak of coronavirus, my bank used to provide facemask for us but the outbreak of coronavirus had made the mask to be very expensive and scarce. So I have to improvise by converting one of my used clothes to a facemask.”

Similarly, a trending picture of a packaged shirt in which the usual pocket handkerchief or bow tie that used to come with the shirt, had been replaced with a handmade facemask.

Handmade facemask and it’s use will apparently add to the growth of Nigeria’s economy and also serve as source of livelihood to some individuals.

However, Lagosians have to be conscious of the fact that it is not all clothing materials that are suitable for the production of handmade facemask.

Coronavirus is extremely tiny to be trapped by most fabrics that still allow air to flow through them. Therefore, handmade facemask needs to be made with cotton materials.

The Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recommends two layers of tightly woven 100 percent cotton fabric, such as quilter’s material or bedsheets with a high thread count.

A group of Cambridge University researchers compared filtration and breathability of different types of homemade mask materials. They concluded that masks made from pillowcases or a cotton T-shirts struck the best balance. Whatever style you choose to use, make sure the mask fits well, covers your nose and chin.

After you have gotten your new handmade mask secured to your face, leave it on while you’re outside and don’t touch the front of it — just as you wouldn’t touch your face.

By Ife Adewole


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